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Posted Nov 20, 2009 by Anthony in Blogs, Strategy

perspectiveWhen I conceived of this blog, I thought I would explore “solutions”. That is, how technology could be applied to solve challenges faced in the government and commercial sectors. I have recently started a new job that focuses on assisting clients with decision-making within complex environments. While I still intend to focus on applied technology, my new position has introduced me to the philosophical underpinnings that play a heavy role in decision-making. Paramount to what I am researching now is how to account for perspectives. An individual’s perspective will affect how the problem is framed, the approach taken, and will ultimately define how success is measured.

Given the importance of perspective, it’s probably a good idea to tell you a little bit about mine. As a former business owner, I tend to look at the value of technology as measured by its utility to the end user in conjunction with its costs to the organization. Keep in mind that cost is not always monetary. Cost could be defined as resources required, time to deploy, maintenance schedules, impact on culture, or any number of other factors. The key point being that technology does not exist in a vacuum and should serve a defined need. While this is a belief that I hold dear, I must be candid. I am a Software Architect by trade so I do still appreciate, and sometimes even marvel at, a well-designed innovate piece of software. To put it plainly, there’s definitely some geek in me and I do enjoy the occasional shiny object.

With this in mind, my blog will share my thoughts and experiences in regards to business strategy, software architecture, and technologies that revolve around collaboration-based solutions. I will also catalog what I learn in regards to Philosophy and how we are able to apply it to software to enhance decision-making capabilities. I hope that through this channel I will engage you enough that you will share your experiences and ideas with me. I look forward to speaking with you.

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