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Who are you? - Husband | Father | Architect
What’s your site about? - Software | Decision-Making | Participation
Where can I find info about you & your interest? - @antwatkinslinkedin.com/in/anthonywatkins | angleofsight.com

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My name is Anthony Watkins and I am Director of Product Development at Systems Engineering Solutions Inc (SESI), a systems design, engineering and integration company. I design and lead the development of enterprise systems to address issues in complexity, including the topics of emergence, wicked problems and uncertainty. My passion is helping organizations make decisions in complex environments through the deployment of well-designed software that relies on human participation.

My primary focus at this time is business development, software architecture and Philosophy, particularly focused on the branch of Epistemology.

I attended Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) where I obtained BS degrees in Computer Science (business minor) and Electrical & Computer Engineering. During my final two years at CMU I studied software architecture under Dr. David Garlan. I then engaged in graduate work at Cornell University where I received a Master of Engineering degree in Computer Science. After graduation I was a co-founder of Regeis, a company specializing in custom data warehousing and executive information systems. Following six years in this role, I joined Bridgeborn serving as Senior Solutions Architect and Technical Lead.

On a personal note, I am a husband and father of two boys (2 years and 5 months old). I reside in Virginia Beach and I am enjoying all that life is sending my way. Now, enough about me. Let’s talk about decision-making in complex environments…