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MongoWave: Persistence on Google FedOne Wave Server with mongoDB

Posted Mar 03, 2010 by Anthony.


My company, SESI, has been working on applying advanced collaboration and analytical techniques to complex-situations to aid decision-making. As part of that effort I have been quite involved with the Google Wave Protocol project. I wanted to share my preliminary success implementing persistence on FedOne with MongoDB.  In my previous post on the [...]

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Google Wave’s Federation Protocol Under the Hood, Part 5

Posted Feb 22, 2010 by Anthony.


Purpose [Updated 4/3/2010]
This is the fifth and final post in the series dedicated to introducing some of the internals of the FedOne protocol.  As you probably realize, FedOne does not store wavelets to a persistent state.  The goals of this post are to illustrate where the in-memory store takes place and highlight the information [...]

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